“Salve, o figlio di Semele dal bel volto: non è possibile,
per chi si dimentica di te, comporre un dolce canto.”

Dedicated to the most unique raw materials produced by Amaranthvs Labor, from our cultivation or extractions. Monograph is not just a desire to maximize the qualities of a great raw material, here we want to know in depth the essence, the spirit and the soul of a smell, transposing its narration into an agreement that combines the material aspect of a perfume with a story that strikes the imagination and memory of those who formulate it and those who wear it. Our first creation in this niche was Terrae di Siena, which binds our resinoid Iris to a particular territory, both physical and metaphysical.
The new creations of 2020 include the birth of two new formulas, centered on Rose and Saffron and on our latest proprietary raw material, Gasoline Woods. Two themes, two times and places of the imagination, two opposite characters; the sensuality and timeless elegance of the Rose, queen of perfumery, the post-urban provocation of an edgy nature that translates into a post-modern vision of aesthetics.

Terræ di Siena

The essence of an ancient territory, rich and complex, deep

Extrait de Parfum 50 ml