Experimental researcher, he has always probed the inner paths, the myth and the subtle dimension of life. With a past as a director and musician, he trained in the studies of art and religious sciences. He worked for years as a science journalist, developing a growing fascination for the meeting point between matter and spirit. This brings him to the world of essences, the world in which he concentrates and pours out his baggage of life, first as an essentiser, wanting to know the raw materials of art intimately, and subsequently as a perfumer in the formulation, artistic inspiration and its narration. Tuscan by birth, he lives between Italy and abroad.

I would like to walk on a golden path, capturing the concreteness of beauty, in luminous harmony, illuminating what is still in the shadows. I believe that this art must pass through pleasure in its interaction with people. It is a sharing that it goes from soul to soul passing through matter.